Hardware Upgrades and Installation

Computer Hardware UpgradesWe can advise on and install all types of hardware/software to ensure you get the correct and best value upgrades to give you the best performance. So if your computer is struggling with video editing or its struggling to keep up with the latest software or games, need more memory, or you are running out of hard drive space or just looking to upgrade your graphics card, CD/DVD drive then contact us for peace of mind.





New Computer Set-Up and Configuration

New Computer Set Up If you have just bought a new PC and need assistance getting up and running, 405 Computer Services can help you find your way around the different parts of the computer, install and connect all your devices such as printers, scanners, digital cameras.

If you are interested we can show you how it’s done so you can do it for yourself in the future in case it ever needs to be moved. We can also transfer your important files and settings from your old computer to the new one. We can also help you with setting up email accounts ensure you load all the critical updates to ensure your PC is as secure as possible right from the start



Data Back Up and Maintenance

Virus and Spyware Protection

How often do you backup your hard drive data? If your computer data was suddenly damaged, hit by a virus, accidentally deleted or stolen, would you lose your valuable data, like digital photos, business details, contacts and emails. We can transfer or backup your important files, email and favorites, settings and data for you.

If your computer software or operating system is already damaged to the point that it requires a new installation, we can attempt to recover and backup your data before we reinstall. It is also possible to recover files that you may have deleted accidentally. If this is the case, stop using your computer, as the files may become unrecoverable if they are written over by newer files.


Wired and Wireless Home or Office Set-Up

Computer NetworkingIf you want the freedom of using the internet from the bedroom, garden, and garage or anywhere in your home, then a wireless network is the answer. It will also allow you to share your internet connection, your printer and other files between any of your other computers, bringing convenience and saving you the extra expense of buying additional printers.

405 Computer Services can setup and install a wireless network to suit your needs and ensure the connection is fast and secure.

We are experienced in setting up and configuring peer to peer networks (hard wired and wireless) and in correcting network problems. We can help you with anything from two to two-hundred computers, and will ensure that your network is correctly setup and secured properly so other people cannot access your private files and internet connection.

Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect laptop and desktop computers or for people who don’t like to be tied down with wires. With wireless, you don’t have the inconvenience of tripping over unsightly cables. Contact 405 Computer Services and we can provide you with the best solution for your network.

System Maintenance and Clean-Up

Spyware and Internet Clean Up

Over time, your PC builds up so many `temporary files` that are never deleted and can slow down your system. We can remove browser hijacks, and all hidden temporary internet files, indexes and history to ensure your privacy is protected.

We can detect and remove spyware that may be hiding on your computer recording and transmitting your personal information and details of internet sites you have visited or people you have contacted. As part of this service we also provide top quality software to protect your computer now and into the future as more threats are released, your protection will be updated regularly to combat them.



Updates, Spyware Cleaning and Eradication

Computer System UpdatesKeeping your computer up to date and secure is very important. Like any machine, your computer needs constant care and will become slower and start to have problems if not maintained regularly. Keep it free from dust, malicious software, and viruses and ensuring the hard drive is maintained to reduce problems in the future.

You will be surprised at how fast your computer runs after being serviced, over time your computer build up unnecessary data. It is recommended that your computer is health checked and tuned up every six months to ensure smooth running and prevent future problems, which will save you money in the long run.

As part of our PC Health Check service to ensure your computer is running as fast and efficiently as possible.




405 Computer Services Will:

  1. Check for and remove viruses and spyware / adware from you Computer or Laptop
  2. Remove clutter and temporary files that are no longer needed which will speed up and free space on your hard drive
  3. Check your hard disk is functioning properly and efficiently, ensuring it is free of defects, errors and bad sectors
  4. Schedule preventative maintenance checks so your computer can automatically run maintenance tasks every week/month to ensure your computer is running as efficiently as possible
  5. Clean the computer inside and out to remove dust and dirt from fans etc, to avoid damage to your computer or laptop (if required).
  6. Carry out other tasks to optimize performance and speed
  7. PC System & Software Installation, Setup and Training

405 Computer Services

  • PC and Apple workstation & laptop repair
  • Virus and Malware Removal Experts
  • Data Recovery
  • Wireless Repairs
  • Email Configurations (Outlook & Web Based)
  • Remote Computer Sessions
  • Printer Installation and Repair
  • Laptop Screen Replacement
  • Reinstall Windows Operating Systems

Repair Symptoms That We Troubleshoot

  • Computer shows a blue screen.
  • Recovery of lost Data.
  • Computer won’t boot, partition issues.
  • Security & Data Protection.
  • Network Setup & Troubleshoot.
  • Windows locked, lost Password.
  • Computer won’t start at all.
  • Computer shutting down
  • PC not responding, freezing, crashing.
  • Hardware Installation & Upgrade.
  • Software Installation & Upgrade.
  • Virus, worm and spyware infections.
  • Overheating problems, cooling solutions.
  • Computer is very slow.

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