I get asked all the time by clients if they should be shutting off their computer at night or on long hours of not using it.

The answer is yes and no!

Power Saving Power Strip

This is more of a personal preference. As for myself, I like to just use the functionality of Windows 10 and use the power saving mode built into the operating system. It’s nice to just touch my keyboard and begin my work in the morning. Plus, I don’t need to hassle with updates during my working hours. Those can be set so that they install while I am away from my computer.

I once did a test and bought one of those power saving power strips where when you turn off your computer it also turns off all the other devices plugged into your system. It has a power sensor that will allow you to turn off items like printers, speakers, monitors and many other devices you leave on at your computer desk. I used the device for four months. After comparing my Southern California Edison electricity usage, I found no real power saving advantages that warrant the purchase of a $60 power strip for this reason.

I have computers that are at clients places that I leave on 24 hours because at times I need to log into them and repair certain functions or check them while the clients business is closed. I have also tested those locations for power consumption. Computers are very energy efficient these days and simply shutting off a monitor will suffice.